Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pleasing Weather

With this wintery weather we've been having the past two days, people like me are ecstatic! I love love love love WINTER! I love the snow. I love feeling the cold wind on my skin...I'm weird...what can I say? Plus, I get to dress warmly everyday to school. Why is that a good thing? Well on top of me looking extra cute everyday, I get to wear my all time favorite article of clothing...JACKETS! I am obsessed with jackets. I buy them in Winter..duh.., but I also buy them in the dead of Summer. There is, however, one poor feet are freezing cold because I wear TOMS everyyyday. I have started wearing socks while walking through snow, but there's another problem in itself...I have to roll up my jeans so they won't get dirty. Resulting in me looking like I walked out of a bad 80's movie. (yuck.) no offense if you're into that sort of thing. This wonderful weather has pleased me and tried to blockade my style, but it was unsuccessful. I will forever wear my TOMS. (unless it's raining.) I looked a bit goofy, but I still rocked it.

Check it out.

That, my friends, is the definition of awesome.

Just saying, a fifteen year old with old man socks and exposed socks with TOMS.

One would think TOMS would deteriorate with the snow, but I played outside..multiple times...and they did just fine:)

Although it's a setback on my feet, I hope it continues to snow...because I pretty much haaate school.


That's my hope for tomorrow morning.

When, by the way, I will be wearing TOMS...most likely with socks.


  1. As an answer from the Gods, we've been delayed for the third time in a row. whoo!

  2. NO NO NO!! while i admire the TOMS, and your committment to them.... winter must go, GO!!!

    summer time, pool time, happy time!